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Xbox One X Update: “Special Worked” Enhanced Games

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Xbox One X Update: "Special Worked" Enhanced Games

Good News for gamers! The whole new Xbox One X has been unveiled by Microsoft last night on 11th of June’2017.

The recent release is all new on various factors. And the mother of Xbox One X, Microsoft has used a range of logos. The concept of these logos that allows consumers to identify and convey, which games are aggrandize for the whole new system.

What Makes Microsoft Feel so Proud of It?

The wait is over as the new “Xbox One X Enhanced” logo will be seen on the Xbox Store and retail games store. Microsoft also proudly said the new Xbox will make gamers know,

“When the developer has  done special work to take advantage of Xbox One X’s 6 teraflops of performance and to distinguish it from existing Xbox One titles.”

As quoted, the “special work” might always be visible but no doubt for work done. The company looks forward to many titles updated and enhanced for the whole newly born Xbox One X. Whereas to specify Microsofts uses three logos for the games of Xbox One.

These three logos including the intensified logs for a 4K indicator, and a symbol for HDR support.


The Logo for 4K Indicator;

The game with this logo will mean that includes a 2160p Frame Buffer Output, with Native 4K, Checkerboarding, and more over a Dynamic Resolution.

The Logo for HDR; 

The game supporting this logo will be a just a continual HDR10 standard which already exists on the Xbox One S and now on Xbox One X.

What’s Best: 

It might confuse the gamers slightly with the improvised version for Xbox One X, newly emerged out with a set of three logos. But these three provide the user to intensify their games for the new solace.

And the best for the new version is that it’s upgraded in the form to take more advantages from the hardware capabilities and options of Xbox One X.

The developers have worked hard and used the new variety of developer tools. Even if you don’t consider the games of Xbox One X specifically enhanced and “special worked”, Microsoft stills claims to play their best on the console.

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