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VPN to Get Blocked in China by Next Year

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VPN to Get Blocked in China by Next Year

Bad news for Chinese virtual private networks (VPNs) users. The connection is reported to block by next year in China according to a report mentioned by Bloomberg.

This act is surely going to harm a severe a crackdown on citizens and limit user having an access to open web.

Along with Bloomberg nad other citing sources concerned over this issue reports that orders are passed to state-run telecoms by the Chinese government for blocking of VPNs by 1st of February.

Other than this earlier in this year in 2017, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also made an announcement regarding VPN services. According to which all VPN services are in need to have government approvals associated in the process of “cleanup” on all unauthorized internet connections in China.


This news set an alarm for bad days coming in Chinese citizens. Whereas countable websites are used by Chinese internet users using VPN services to private access websites are blocked under an act called as “Great Farewell” in China.

These restricted and blocked websites include news sites and social media popular services like  Facebook and Twitter.

This announcement has affected local Chinese citizens but it is still unsure wheater VPN blocking is going to affect foreign corporations or not, as many of these are using VPN services for securing data and evading web filters.


According to a post shared on Monday via Facebook, the former head of international communications at Baidu, Kaiser Kuo shared his views over blocking of VPN in China,

“If they’re as interested in security and stability as they say they are, then they should leave VPNs accessible. The number of people using them in China is really small, but really vocal — and I don’t think they’ll just take this lying down. Will reflect very badly on the party. Dark days ahead.”

Many VPN related services are blocked and others are on the way. Chinese are surely looking ahead to find ways other than VPN to resolve their website access issues.


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