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Unlike Netflix Unlike HBO

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Unlike Netflix Unlike HBO

There were good times and series of Netflix for a while. Soon after House of Cards and Stranger Things, the course field was set since for years.

Netflix provided a platform of healthy budgets and renewal for multiple series and their creators’ completed creative control.

Netflix Stranger-Things-2-1200x598

There was a roar until Netflix announced the cancellation of two programs, The Get Down and Sense8. The cancellation was not due to critical response or award nominations. The series were canceled for the lack thereof.

Speaking at a conference Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos said that the network has to watch over the number of people watching the show and the total show cost.

In accordance to that  The Get Down and Sense8  are very expensive projects. Where a big project fro great people is great but similarly a great project for tiny people is worthless.

Netflix is a network with opaque morals they traditionally refused to give viewership numbers.

Alongside if the Netflix’s subscribers are rising it can be predicted for the company to use a lot of money for its shows from big hits to niche programming.

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But even the long tails have to end, the company already missed its new subscribers there was a goal for this year.

Eventually, it has to end and Netflix has to focus its production over popular. High-quality stuff possible.

A professor at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, Chris Smith said; 

 “It was inevitable, Even though Netflix is a digital platform and there’s a lot more shelf-life available for programming, at some point you do reach the law of diminishing returns.”

Through these words, we can identify that goal of Netflix, unlike every other network. There are no longer those companies who used to bring back Arrested Development and Wet Hot American Summer only to make people happy.

The Netflix now has to pursue to their biggest rivals HBO. Back in 2013 when House of Cards the company’s  first prestige show was released, Sarandos Netflix chief content officer said;

“to become HBO faster than HBO can become us.”

At that time is was $300 million required int he original programming and now it is $6 billion. And nearly 20-fold interest in four years. That’s huge.

Rival HBO:

Unlike any other startup, Netflix followed the footsteps of HBO. Both the companies Netflix and HBO started out as providers of back-catalogue movie titles.

And both, in the same way, enjoyed success through similar strategy.

But the difference for Netflix is it collected and focused on particular data about what its users wanted and liked.

But when Intel allowed them to work with creators like the Duplass Brothers and Joe Swanberg. The ambition was great but costly directors also came together; Baz Luhrmann (The Get Down) and the Wachowskis (Sense8).These

These mastermind directors could deliver prestige but at the end, not enough viewers.

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