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To Comfort Mourning Mother, the Man Dresses as Dead Sister for 20 Years

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By trying to save his mother’s deteriorating mental health, a man has been dressing as his deceased sister in 50’s for 20 years to help his mother cope with the death, BBC News reported.

Pear Video released a film about this unnamed man. This unnamed man who has received more than 4.2 million views on Weibo alone, and is being shared on all major news portals in China. The footage shows the man from the Guilin area in the Guangxi region. The man is comforting his mother while wearing a traditional cheongsam dress.

He told Pear Video that he started dressing as a woman. He dressed as a woman after his mother started showing symptoms of mental illness after the death of her daughter.

He said she felt so happy it convinced him to continue; the first time he did it. He said “She was so happy, so I kept doing it,”

He added “I’ve basically been living as a woman ever since ” “I don’t own any men’s clothing.” In the video, his mother refers to her son saying: “She is my daughter. When my other daughter died she became my daughter.”

He included that he is not concerned about what others think of him because he “is doing it for his mother”. He said, “Why would I be afraid of people laughing at me?”

The Video Attracted Thousands of Reactions

Thousands have reacted to the posts on Sina Weibo. The reactions he got were very mixed. Some users were “moved” by his commitment and his love towards his mother.

To make his mother happy, he dressed as a woman for 20 years. One person commented that It doesn’t matter how you view this, you have to praise this man for his filial piety!”

Some users were less supportive: A user commented the “Mother has been successful in controlling her son”. Another one was “is this filial piety or is he looking for an excuse to be a transvestite?”

One user asked, “Has this mother not asked where her son has got to?”  The concept of filial piety is very important to the Chinese; it is a key value in their culture. It was the main criterion for the selection of officials from earlier times as well.

One user concluded. “You should be filial, but to this extent, it’s going to be hard for people to match,”

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