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Supreme Court Ordered Clearance of All Illegal Shops and Cabins in Karachi

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Supreme Court Ordered Clearance of All Illegal Shops and Cabins in Karachi

Latest news from Karachi; On this Thursday, 13th of July’2017, the Supreme Court (SC) has passed strict orders to the Karachi commissioner. These orders imply to remove those shops and cabins around the city that are unauthorized and illegal.

All illegal shops and cabins that are seen in public grounds, parks, and convenience spaces in Karachi will be removed by these orders passed by the Supreme Court.

A collaboration of these two judges justices Gulzar Ahmed and Maqbool Baqar in the Supreme Court has set a count of 2 weeks for following this order in the city.

Whereas this order was basically a petition filed by Shukar Din in the Supreme Court. He is the one who took the South District Municipal Corporation to the court for an unlawful alleged cancellation of a cabin in Lea Market.

Why the Judges Were Amazed?

Moreover, in the hearing of this case, judges were shocked to know that in the presence of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and district municipal corporation authorities,  how can people set these shops and cabin. This seemed as if people were given all rights to own a stall, shop, or a cabin on any illegal ground.


The head of Supreme Court’s bench of judges on this case named Justice Ahmed also observed that there were absolutely no legal charges on a person who has established an illegal shop\cabin on any amenity space. Even there were no charges at all if a person further assigns this place to another private party.

Justice Ahmed even exclaimed over the Karachi commissioner saying, “The whole city has been turned into carts and cabins,”

The Karachi Commissioner Also Responsible:

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court was astonished to see how easily violation of court laws were made in the city in presence of city management. Not just people had done wrong by owning their share on any commercial ground. But also the corporate authorities had done unright by allowing them to misuse the amenity spaces in making their own profits.

Justice Baqar, the other bench member, in the Supreme Court has warned the city commissioner to restrict his fellow officers from earning profit out of these amenity spaces.

The Supreme Court has ordered to ensure a full-fledged operation to take place in Karachi. The commissioner is strictly advised to supervise in person on this operation and ensure best results. This will surely get back the peace of the city.


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