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PTI is not solely responsible for the fault in K-P’s education

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The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf went on to claim that the education sector in K-P has improved greatly under their tenure.

Because of the efforts of PTI, there is now an improved education system in K-P and people have begun to trust public sector schools more. It is good to see that K-P Minister also admitted his child into one of these government-run public schools.

The present PTI government has managed to reconstruct all the educational institutions. PTI has done renovations and all the constructions where needed especially the buildings which were damaged due to militancy campaigns.

Moreover, PTI has employed thousands of teachers because of the insufficiency of the teachers in schools. The PTI government also solved other issues related to education and schools. PTI has also established computer and science labs. The efforts are greatly helping the students.

Due to the on-going load shedding issue, the PTI government is making a smart move and also decided to run these schools on solar energy.

PTI has also introduced independent monitoring units in public sector schools in order to reduce the issue of teachers who don’t come to school and they are on the leave mostly to make sure the availability of the teachers in the school every day and every time . Yes, today schools are much better than the previous ones!

Recently, People are putting allegations on the schools because of the bad results of the schools which are not justified it’s not only the responsibility of the Government; students are also responsible for this.

Nowadays, our education system is also going towards privatisation. The top K-P government office holders, from both PTI and Jamat-e-Islami (JI), have opened their own educational institutes.

Even though the PTI government has adopted wonderful initiatives to improve the educational system, unfortunately, factors such as the one mentioned before are not good for the system. They will destroy all the system rather than improving.

Therefore, the fault in K-P’s education system cannot just be attributed to the PTI; they also made very good improvements in the education system.

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