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Invention of Phones with No ‘BATTERIES’

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Invention of the Phones with No 'BATTERY'

What do we know and say about future? The best is coming up! Well here’s some great news that makes us believe our foreseeable future is here. The invention of no battery phone is made successfully.


A phone was earlier called a cell phone because it used powered cells to operate. But now, the scientists have invented phone dissimilar to the casual phone as it works without batteries. This phone will never die and perhaps the day it will be commercially available it will be the first choice to be picked for.

This may sound like super fiction in past decades but a team of researchers at the University of Washington has successfully managed to invent this kind of the phone.

Where Cell Phone Batteries Actually Go

batteryfree-cell-phones759 Batteries free

The moment you make a call and talk, sound waves are generated by your voice. Along with these waves information in an analog form is also present.

These are converted into digital signals by microphones. While on the other receiving end these digital signals are again converted to its original form to analog signals. This makes the person on your call listen to your voice. This conversion from an analog form to digital form takes place rapidly and again and again utilizing an adequate amount of your phone battery.

However, there another reason for which batteries drain a lot is in these specified phones called smartphones. These smartphones are used to the operation of several purposes other than making a call or wither receiving it. Although these all time worked operations in smartphones are removed, still batteries get drained. A huge amount of battery is capitalized just for making casual phone calls.

This Is How This New No Batteries Phone Works

This newly invented phone basically makes theses analog to digital and digital to analog conversations simply by using analog radio signals. These analog radio signals are emitted through a custom-designed base station. Your voice or your message if heard by the other person on another and when a pattern of these radio signals build up and pick up on by the receiving phone or device. This pickup is made by an antenna and son on this picked up pattern get converted into sound waves by speakers.

While we speak onto the phone our voice causes vibrations. These vibrations are further used by the antenna in modifying those radio signals that are being emitted by the base station. Here the base station is then picking up these changes on the signals and sending it to the person on another side of the phone that is the receiving end.

NewCellphone no Batteries

The base station here plays an important part as it does all the major work. Whereas according to this recent research it is very easy to convert this into cellular networks.

Although, all of this specific features have saved some battery, still the phone is need of a 3.5-microwatt power source. To overcome this the team of researchers has other ways to generate energy excluding the use of batteries in the phone.

Sources of Power to the Phone

According to them, the remaining power requirements can be drawn from possible two ways. One through the radio signals in the base station. Or another one from a grain-of-rice-sized solar cell on the phone’s circuit board.

At this stage to draw energy the system operating is a prototype which basically works by making a call on Skype and uses a capacitive keyboard. This has an option leading to switch between specified talking and listening modes by simply pressing buttons. Similar to a walkie talkies functioning.

Few decades and years from now no one believed or imagined to use a smartphone with touch screens and so now we have these. Just like this phone without batteries didn’t exist but they will. The wireless charging notebook and now this battery less phone have made us believe that the future all about being cordless.

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