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Elon Musk is Now Proud New Owner of X.com

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Elon Musk is Now Proud New Owner of X.com

According to tweet that came up on Monday, 11th of July’2017, it is confirmed by Elon Musk that he is now the proud owner of X.com, the domain he used to have in 1999.

This mega change was first spotted by a blogger named Elliot Silver, who reported that X.com was untouched since a long period of time since it’s  days known as a  PayPal predecessor.

Since then, now on 3rd of July’2017 X.com finally changed hands to its new proud owner and now it’s also confirmed it’s non-other than mega mind Elon Musk.

Earlier in 1999, Elon Musk used to own X.com which was a domain for Elon’s financial startup services. This domain was particularly shifted with another company naming Confinity according to a deal. This deal was further rebranded in 2001 as Paypal.

X is always the coolest alphabet and also a most versatile letter. There is no doubt that the deal of X.com would price quite above $5 million. That an expensive price tag but X.com is one the most priced domain names around the world.

Well, the world is waiting to witness what the store of X.com holds. This a surely a perfect fit web home that is linking with both of Elon Musk’s mega companies Tesla Model X  and SpaceX branding.


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