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Cinematic Reveal of Beyond Good & Evil 2

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Cinematic Reveal of Beyond Good & Evil 2

Finally, after a very long period of time, the most awaited cinematic reveal of Beyond Good & Evil 2 happened at the  Ubisoft conference.

The leads of the series of Beyond Good & Evil 2 sat together and had a chat during the E3 Livestream of the game, joining  Michel Ancel joined Twitch.

The scope of the game finally came up although Ancel did not go into many specifics.

Ancel said in joy, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is truly a prequel and it is connected to its first game. This means to be something huge coming up.

Michel Ancel the designer for Ubisoft said gracious comments over the cinematic reveal of Beyond Good & Evil;


“We did not want to reveal anything before today because we wanted to make sure that the technology would be—you know, you can dream big,

but if you don’t have any way to make the game of your dreams, then you can talk for hours and hours and hours and then?

So we waited for three years just working on the technology so that now you can really travel across space, planets.

But not empty planets. Or not empty, generated, whatever planets. Real planets with cities, logical connection between the cities.

And even all the natural events that you could have on these kinds of planets, gravity, all the moons, and all these things.

We needed to make sure, before coming here today, making sure that we will deliver the game.”

The trailer of the gameplay literally outlines the idea as if the world building has gone into BG&E2, moreover with various and multiple cities across many planets. This sounds crazy but it is fun.

Beyond Good & Evil 2


Ancel also said that the Beyond Good & Evil 2’s technology allows at least to see in concept, whether if we may not see in the same cinematic direction.

What Beyond Good & Evil 2 Like: 

It’s like one can get out a Chinese restaurant get their spaceship, go across the boundaries of atmosphere, then get into their giant spaceship and witness to the change a whole planet.

It’s like a GTA but in same and with three dimensions at the same.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 ff

The promises are bold, we look forward to huge releases and accelerate our excitement for such new adventures of  Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Get your hands on the game at: Ubisoft | Beyond Good & Evil

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