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Breathtaking Heavenly Views of Bosnia Sarajevo

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Breathtaking Heavenly Views of Bosnia Sarajevo

When you first thing about Bosnia Sarajevo what comes into your mind? Three things right! the place for triggering the First World War, the great Bosnia War 1922-1995 or the 1984 Olympics.

Other than war there is too much to know about Sarajevo. The place is gradually becoming the most favorite tourist site by each year.

Natural beauty and relatively cheap travel are its plus points by European standards.

What’s Sarajevo About:

Those white Ottoman-style mosques, Serbian Orthodox and Catholic Croat churches. Including Austro-Hungarian 19th century architecture, Communist-era apartment blocks, and modern shopping malls.

These mesmerizing features make Sarajevo the Capital of Bosnia.

The name of this beautiful heavenly place derives from a combination of two words  ‘saray’ and ‘evo.

Whereas  ‘saray’  the Turkish word means palace. And  ‘evo’ the Slavic derivative of the Turkish word ‘ova’ or ‘ovasi’ means field or valley.

Once you get in the place you will be doomed walking by streets praising the beauty of the Sarajevo. That wooden-built Ottoman-style bazaar and that tasty smell of kebab and grilled meat being cooked. Are going to drive you crazy.

You are going to see families, couples, friend, and colleagues alongside tourists relaxing in beautiful tea houses. And smoking nargila (water pipe). This will surely lust you to join them and enjoy the relaxing.

The city is an overall embracing multicultural heritage, you will see a girl blonde hair wearing a dress walking side by side with a girl wearing hijab. Mixed marriages are amongst most common practices in Sarajevo.

The statistics show 49.2% of Bosniak (Muslims), 10,7% as Yugoslavs, 29.8% as Serbs (Orthodox Christians),6.6% Croats (Catholics) and 3.6% as others (including Jews and Roma) in the year 1991.

Later till date, the city holds 80.7% Bosniak, 3.7% Serb, 4.9% Croat and 10% others, this shows the demographics of the entire region.

Going to Sarajevo is something is you arr going to never regret!

Here are some breathtaking views of Sarajevo Bosnia:

You are going to love these and definitely book a trip for this place.


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