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5 Super Easy Five Minutes Craft Ideas

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5 Super Easy Five Minute Crafts

Many of you guys might be thinking to do something cool and easy this summer. Here are some super easy and fun five minutes crafts ideas. Don’t think way too much they literally are five minutes craft ideas. Set your stuff and set your counter you are going to do this super fun DIY 300 seconds crafts.

Here is a collection of some ideas pick the one you like and enjoy your summers.

1. Metallic Duck Tape Candles:

For this five minute craft, you will be needing only three items that include cheap pillar candles, metallic Duck Tape in your choice of color(s), and a pair of scissors. Firstly remove the covers of the candles we want the duck tape to wrap around bare candle surface.  Now rip your Duck Tape and lay your candle on a flat surface. Now follow three-word command to make your perfect crinkled five minutes craft, Pull, Roll, and Press. That all you need to do, easy right. These candles are super beautiful and perfect for occasions of a candle light dinner. When you reach the end then leave some of the Duck Tape and fold it at the bottom of the candles.


ST_DIY_DuckTapeCandles9 ST_DIY_DuckTapeCandles 5 minutes crafts

2. Metallic Geometric Planters:

To make these DIY five minutes crafts Metallic Geometric Planters you will be needing only 4 items and the fifth one a succulent plant or a small plant. You will require scrap cardboard, measuring tape, metallic contact paper, and a pair of scissors. Start by measuring the widest part of the plant that will be the width of the plastic container then mark your numbers on cardboard and cut it out. Once you have done this then use scissors to slightly draw lines that will be easy to fold the sides. Consider the shape you want like five sides to Pentagon and six sides to Hexagon.

step6 5 minutes craftsstep7b 5 minutes craft

After this then use the contact paper to cover the outer side of cardboard such that all cover all raw edges are also covered. Then shape the cardboard and join the two ends by using a piece of contact paper you just used. And you are done with simple and elegant five minutes craft for small plant and succulent. Decorate these in your garden, drawing rooms, even your bedrooms.

step8 5 minutes craftsfeature0image_large_jpg 5 minutes crafts

3. Color Coded Keys:

It’s the easiest one. You will be needing only two items for this five minutes craft idea. It’s very helpful as well to locate the right key to the right door. All of us face those situations where our mind kind of skips the code to recognize keys in your key chains and it takes very long to try every one of these until you have the right pick in your hand. We use colorful nail paints here and obviously some keys. Each color refers to a specific door. Like for garden door, it will green, for bedroom door white and for pool door, it can be blue.

colorcodeyourkeys 5 minutes crafts

You can also paint a small coat on the door locks to match the key and the lock. All you need to do is paint the top part of the key with nail paints and put more than one coats until the metal underneath it disappears. You can use a toothpick to remove the excess nail paint. And you are done if you work super fast you can complete this task less than five minutes craft challenge.

4. DIY Vintage Paper Clips: 

There are many and many five minutes craft ideas with only just paper clips. These are super useful and a great craft to work on. Here is how you make DIY vintage buttons papers clips with only two scraps and a glue. There are old buttons in our homes or in a stitching kit but if you don’t then you must be having old torn clothes or old bags before discarding them remove the buttons as they are still useful. If can;t use this option as well then rush to the market and purchase some. They are cheap and affordable.

supplies-for-button-bookmarks 5 minutes crafts

Now all to need is to attach the button on one side of the paper clip. Use a string glue over hot glue for lasting results otherwise, your vintage button with fall soon. It creative and if you are having all the stuff already then it is a less than five minutes craft if you see your clock. These are great for last minute gift ideas and to make your diaries and journal cool. You can also use this as a bookmark or make a hand full of these and take twine or a thick thread and hang pictures and quotes for decoration.

82d8754c4e4ad2a4d54238aa9c6efc9d 5 minutes craft

5. Funky Button Bracelet: 

This one is funky and fun to make. You can grab your stuff and make these whenever you need to make a friendship band or to gift something. It’s the most creative five minutes crafts amongst all above. You need just two items, again button not vintage button just casual button and round leather or coated cotton cord preferably 1mm in diameter. Make whatever you choose to be your material to knot buttons, check all the holes of buttons to make sure your cord passes through all buttons. If you want to be color focused then choose all buttons of one color or in different shades otherwise be creative and pick random buttons of different size, shapes, and color.

DSCN4544 5 minutes craftDSCN4545 5 minutes craft

Take a long cord don’t measure it around your wrist before because at the end it can be altered but once the cord you take is short it will be hard to recover. Fold the cord in half and tie and knot at the end of a loop. Then lay down your buttons making a pattern of your bracelet and pick one each time to tie with the cord. You will tie buttons after the first knot you made after the loops then pick the buttons, now begin treading the holes of buttons in the cord. You can also try different pattern to thread the cord.

DSCN4549 Five minutes crafts

After you have attached some buttons then wrap it around you wrist for guidance and cut the excess cord and thread the last button at the end preferably to the size of the loop to making it easy to pass the loop from it and hence a five minutes craft bracelet is ready. You can also make this simple and less than five minutes craft by using a single fancy button and cord. Try this as a cool five minutes craft challenge with your friends.

DSCN4543 Five Minutes crafts5 minutes crafts

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