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5 Simple Crafty DIY Emergency Kits With Mint Cases

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Are you a kind of a person who usually ends up in some sort of an unexpected situation. Almost everybody faces emergencies every now and then. Here is the part where our 5 Simple Crafty DIY emergency kits play their roles. We all have these kits in our well-stocked house but what if you any such incident outside your living space. Obviously, this does happen but we carry minimum items in our bags which are some a times so hard to find. They are somewhere in our bags but hidden at the right moment when we need them.

No need to worry at all, we have a solution to this. Now you don’t need to pull your bag upside down and search through all scattered stuff in your bag. Even you don’t need to carry a big tote with loads of kits amply organized. We have come up with super simple crafts methods to overcome this. There are easy five simple crafts that are going to help you out in carrying your emergency appliances.

Here we are simply crafting DIY mint cases into emergency kits. It is surely a five-minute craft and won’t cost you much. The reason we are using mint cases is that they are compact yet spacious, portable, light weight and they are easy to use. These mint cases are very accessible and have pretty much space to store all that we need. These humble mint containers are definitely going to be a life saver when you stuck into awkward sudden incidents.

Following are the five crafts ideas to use mint cases at stay well stocked even when you step outside your comfort living without making your tote heavy and bulky. Before we get started to make sure following just ideas and references, you can use other small and portable cases or customized the items up to your needs. And make sure while you keep medicines and ointments don’t forget to use tight lids for avoiding any mess in your bag. You can keep more than one personally customized simple craft kits depending what kind of troubles you get in.

Let’s begin, you are about to see how much these compact tins are capable of holding.

5 Simple Crafty DIY Ideas

1.First Aid Kit

No matter where we go injuries and aches arrive without an invitation at any time. We need to stay cautious and that is why this little handy simple craft kit helps out a lot. Minor aches and injuries such as bruises, scrapes, blisters, cuts, and headache now can be calmed when we step outside our house.


The contents we keep in this kit are band-aids, bufferfly closures, bacitracin ointment, alcohol prep wipes, hand cleaning wipes, moleskin patches, ibuprofen, and gauze pads. Well, these are all contents for this simple craft kit. You can customize it to your own needs and products that are available to you easily.

2. Sewing Kit

We all know whenever there is an important date or event wardrobe malfunction happens. All ladies are going to relate to relate to this issue. And it very plus embarrassing to cover those tears and holes. Now here we have a smart simple craft kit to overcome this whenever sounds of wardrobe malfunction are coming towards us.


We need a seam ripper, needle threader, thimble, scissors, needles, safety pins, and various colors of threads. Preferably, choose the thread color the ones going with any kind, color, type of fabric a this will be very handy. And here a simple craft DIY sewing kit is ready. Now if you face those sudden holes and tears in your garments don’t spoil your mood or quit the event just fix them right away.

3. Emergency Candle Kit

It’s weird who would carry a kit of the candle with them it has many uses. This DIY simple craft won’t sound like the kit but we can use it as a kit. It is extremely useful for those staying overnight or traveling or going to picnic at nights. People usually carry torches with them but this can be a safe side option if the torch goes off. This can also be a romantic option if you want to have a candle light dinner fun anywhere outside your house and food places.

Remember to separate the lid while you lit the candles. Because when the candle is burning it can be a hazard as the matches are next to it. Once the wax cools and solidifies than place and lid and secure with a rubber band. But when you use the kit detach the lid to keep matches away from the burning candle.


You will be needing candle, matches and match strikers to make this lighting simple craft kit. Firstly place the threads at least at two points tightly then melt the candle wax and pour in the case but the threads should be placed nicely to make it easier to lit the candle. Then use a match box to separate the match strikers and stick them inside the lid. Also, make a small envelope of a holder to store the match stick.

4. The kit for Wilderness Survival

You will have a good sense of wilderness survival and you are participating in outdoor activities like hiking, camping, mountain biking, or running. You how important it is to maintain a kit helping you in navigating your way, start a fire, and send signals for help. This simple craft DIY wilderness survival kit is just the right match for you.


You will be needing a small flashlight, signaling mirror, ibuprofen, water purification tablets, whistle, compass, firestarter, dryer lint (to start the fire), Swiss army knife, and rubber bands for use and to secure your survival simple craft kit.

5. Daily Use Kit

This an urban life simple craft kit. You can carry this anywhere you want or just keep it with you just in case. It will help you in day to day suburban life. Either you need extra cash, something to relax your nerves, or to save some important files, this kit can help you out with these daily issues. And it is considered to be one of the best 5 Simple Crafty DIY of this article.


You will need ibuprofen, a mini bottle of any balm or oil to relax your nerves, chapstick, safety pins, cash, rubber bands, quarters, lens cleaning wipes, and USB drive for this smart day to day urban life simple craft kit.

You must have heard that people say in the world of photography simple crafts the best cameras aren’t those with high quality but those we carry every time with us to click photos. Even the high-quality camera is useless when it’s of no use. Keeping this thing in mind the DIY simple crafts emergency kits we are going to make may not be high in quality but they are super accessible to carry with you and very useful. You can also carry them in your jeans pocket.

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