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19 Amazon Weirdo Prime Day Deals

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19 Amazon Weirdo Prime Day Deals

The day is finally here when Amazon comes up with more and more deals than ever before. Amazon Prime Day deals are just what you are looking for. We have compiled some

Amazon Prime Day deals are just what you are looking for. We have compiled some weird yet amazing deals you are just in need.

Just scroll pick the one to like and get your offer. To buy your product see the link mentioned after every image along with its price.

Don’t be too late as you know Amazon Prime Day deals are limited and are rapidly changed.

Here’s an important note if you want these crazy deals or any one of them then you have to be a Prime member and if you aren’t one then sign up for a 30-day trial for free. Click here to begin your trial.


1. Adult bib, 20% off:

adult bib

Price: $9.59, Buy Here.

2. Sheep Placenta Cream upto 40% off:

Price: $23.70, Buy Here. 

3. Perky Jerky with up to 45% off:

Price: $33.43, Buy Here. 

4. Up to 27% off on Yeti Statue:

Price: $149.95, Buy Here

5. 50 Rubber Ducks with up to 31% off: 

Price: $20.79, Buy Here.

6. 13% off on Bubblegum Refrigerator Magnets: 

Price: $7.41, Buy Here. 

7. Up to 45% off on Diaper Rash Cream:

Price: $13.59, Buy Here. 

8. 20% Off on Hot Dog Toaster: 

Price: $19.50, Buy Here.

9. 20% Off on Photo Album: 

Price: $11.98, Buy Here.

10. Oven Mitt with 20% off: 

Price: $7.79, Buy Here. 

11. 20% off on Tatto Dish Gloves: 

Price: $9.66, Buy Here. 

12. Cat Turntable with 20% Off: 

Price: %25.75, Buy Here. 

13. 41% Off on Horn: 

Price: $14.79, Buy Here

14. Up to 33% off on Horn Mug: 

Price: %30, Buy Here. 

15. 22% off on Stuffed Dog turning feisty after squeeze: 

Price: $15.88, Buy Here. 

16. Alphabet Eyeshadow Palette with 20% off: 

Price: $33.05, Buy Here. 

17. 20% off on Hand Wall Hook:


Price: $85, Buy Here. 

18. Up to 37% off on Soft Grilled Chicken Toy: 

Price: $17.37, Buy Here. 

19. 20% off on Toilet Plunger Drink Maker: 

Price: $10.66, Buy Here. 


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