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10 Notable Tweets of #PakvsInd Finale!!! ICC Champions Trophy 2017

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What a victory!! ICC Champions Trophy 2017 left great memories behind. Pakistan and India whenever face each other on cricket grounds, the world knows what that specific day looks like.

Every other person not just boys, not just men. It’s everybody sitting in front of their tv screens, praying and biting nails on both sides of the border.

It has been the 6th time when Pakistan and India face each other again in ICC Champions Trophy 2017. This time Pakistan nailed it!

Pakistan wins the trophy. Setting a very dramatic reply to the Indian commercial shot in every ICC Championship naming “Mauka Mauka”.

The world knows about the rivalry. There is Wikipedia page for India-Pakistan Cricket Rivalry as well!

Trophy troll of who wins is always steamed up across and inside Indo-Pak borders. Social media serves as the playground for private commentators to fire their shots.

Earlier it was Facebook and now it’s Twitter. We all know Twitter is a social media hub of celebrities all around.

No matter you are a common citizen or celebrity as long as you are a cricket lover just enjoy the winning troll.

There were blessings, prayers, and even haters over ICC Champions Trophy 2017.  There were controversies as well as over Rishi Kapoor’s bad comments and proud Pakistani responses.

However, there are some extremely hilarious comments about the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Finals between Pakistan and India.

Bollywood or Lollywood celebrities were also very active on updating tweets about the memorable match!

Here are 10 best picked hilarious tweets of ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Finals between Pakistan and India.

1. No doubt Indian Cricket team is burning after Pakistan wins. Here’s a quick remedy to this;

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 666

2. There are dozens of replies to that Indian Commercial “Mauka Mauka”, We Pakistanis finally have a “Mauka” to have great fireworks! 

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 5555

3. This was an end! Finally Rishi Kapoor had to surrender over Pakitan Winning ICC Champions Trophy 2017; the comments are also hilarious;

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 TTTTTT

4. Rishi Kapoor this one’s is perfect for you, not just from Ali Naqvi but from the whole Nation of Pakistan;

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 TTTT

5. This illustration perfectly sums up for the kind of situation at ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Finale;

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 VV

6. Great coincidence Pakistan vs India Finals and Fathers day: 

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 BBBB

7. Rishi Kapoor is surely going to regret after the victory of Pakistan in ICC Champions Trophy 2017. People are not going to spare him;

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 1111

8. Imran Khan, you are great! While people almost forgot in their celebrations of  ICC Champions Trophy 2017, that other than cricket there are some serious issues as well! Thank You for reminding us! 

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 11111111

9. Sorry, Ranveer Singh tough we are a great fan of you but in Cricket the rivalry is on fire! Ranveer Singh earlier said over ICC Champions Trophy 2017 finale, that the storm is coming for Pakistanis but you don’t know dear we are strong enough to defeat storms as well!

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 66

10. Beside desi tweets of Pakistanis and Indian over ICC Champions Trophy 2017, other also have their views! Two minutes silence for this young man because he was watching over the colors of jerseys rather than a great match played. 

Sill thank a lot for your appreciation. 

ICC Champions Trophy 2017

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